Special Dates for School Chairpersons

Lois LaShell, VP Scholarship Standards Committee


Dates for Preparation of Applications, Deadline, Interview Process,

Evaluation, Ranking of Students, & Add On Scholarship Info Due.


September 2018 – VP Scholarship Standards & President verify Memorandum of

     Understanding for all Add On Scholarships


September/October- 2018 – Scholarship Standards Committee reviews application forms and procedures; recommends scholarship value & corrects forms as needed.


November 2018– Chairpersons set date to meet with school counselor.  Chairpersons

     discuss all available scholarships with counselors and set (spring) interview dates.

     Applications will be available to students on line.


Late November/Early December 2018– Deadline forms available online to students.


January 2019 - Student Evaluation Process Workshop for new members.


February 2019  - Applications deadline.  Chairpersons make sure all trustees can access the applications, pick up information from school counselors, and meet with School Interview Teams to review evaluation process and dates. Trustees determine the number of Scholarships to be given with help from the Finance Committee.


Late February – Early March 2019 – Student Interviews at schools.


March 2019 – Scholarship Standards Committee Chairpersons with help from Tech

     Committee determine ranked list of students.


April 1, 2019 - Scholarship Standards Committee Chair - All student essays for Add

     On Scholarships should be given to the Special Donors of the Add On Scholarships.


April 15, 2019 – Add On Scholarships have been decided by Special Donors.



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