2019 -2020

Standards Committee Schedule


December 5 - School Chairs have completed appointments with school counselors and finalized interview  dates.


January 27 - Following the RSF Board meeting, new board members and others interested will have an hour review of their role in the interview process and get their questions answered.


February 4 - Applications are due from students .


February 6·- School Chairs pick up materials from school counselors. (Signature page, SAR with EFC score, Transcript, additional LOR's)


February 24 - Board approves total number of RSF recipients, including Rotary awards, based on Treasurer's financial report.


March 2 - Intervicws complete.


March 11 - Roll-up is complete and list of awardees are sent to RSF Board of Trustees for on-line vote of approval.


March 13·- Add-on essays are sent to add-on scholarship donors.


March16 - Standards Committee VP sends final list of recipients to Corresponding Secretary for sending letters of notification to recipients.


April 1 - Add-on donors send chair of Standards Committee the names of recipients they have selected. These are forwarded to chair of correspondence, and chair of program for award assembly.


April 28 - Awards Reception



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